Azienda Agricola Passini


The Passini Farm can be found in Spilamberto, immersed in the foothills the of the Modense countryside.
Founded in the 60’s it was the brainchild of Franco Passini and continues to prosper thanks to its dedication and the hard work of his children Daniele and Emanuela.
Passini has 300 cows of which 110 are lactating. All the cows are of the Italian Friesian breed and supply 13.000 hundred kilograms of milk every year. This is equivalent to approximately 36 kg of milk per cow. This same milk is used to create Parmigiano Reggiano: milk that has received several awards for its real quality, determined by the protein content and thanks to this trait it creates excellent Parmigiano Reggiano.
Passini’s philosophy is based on productivity without neglecting the well being of the animal. In 2009 in fact, they purchased equipment that allows cows to live in the best conditions, such as rotating brushes, devices for milking and fans. Consequently, the production of milk is also better, and this is the milk which becomes the high quality Parmigiano Reggiano from the Poggioli Dairy.