Ca’ de Vincenzi


The farm Ca ‘De Vincenzi is located in San Vito, a village surrounded by the countryside of Modena, just before the hills, and covers 120 acres.
In 1997 Sisto Romani took over the business with an ambitious business project in mind. His goal was to reach 600 cows in lactation. After ten years, this project has become reality. Today Ca ‘De Vincenzi owns 1220 Italian Friesian cows of which 600 are lactating. This provides about 55,000 hundred kilograms of milk each year. The milk is high quality as 75% of the fodder is self-produced, which allows appropriate and constant feeding of the cows throughout the year and if the milk produced is of great quality, Parmigiano Reggiano from the Poggioli Dairy will be just fine.